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  Massage Treatments

~For all massages, an aromatherapy scent of your choice is offered~
Daydream Swedish-    $100 (50 min.)     /     $160 (80 min.)

Ultimate relaxation through the use of light to medium pressure and rhythmic strokes that ease tension in the body and calm the mind    

Roots Run Deep-    $110 (50 min.)     /     $170 (80 min.)

Therapeutic deep tissue/sports, using medium to very firm pressure to penetrate in the deeper layers of tissue; great for muscle recovery and enhancing joint range of motion-often involves stretching  

Happy Medium-    $110 (50 min.)     /     $170 (80 min.)

Therapeutic and relaxing benefits customized to individual needs 

Mother Nature-    $110 (50 min.)    /     $170 (80 min.)

Customized prenatal massage with plush pillows and specialized techniques to offer the most extreme comfort for the mother-to-be 

River Stone Massage-     $115 (50 min.)    /    $180 (80 min.)

Exquisite warm stone massage, typically medium pressure utilizing the heat from the stones to loosen muscles more effectively  

25 Minute Massage Treatments

~These can be solo or added on to any 50 or 80 min. treatment~ 

Mountaintop Altitude Headache Relief-  $65

Careful attention to the head, neck, and shoulders affecting pressure points connected to the roots of headaches incorporating specific aromatherapy to relieve tension  

Reflexology-    $65

Stress relief and increased energy and immunity by using specific pressure points on the feet to enhance circulation and stimulate nerves  

On Point-   $65

Customized; get to the core of head, neck, shoulders, sore arms or legs, or any troubled areas of your choice that your body needs specific focus on

Out-Call Massages

Swedish: $150 (50 min.) / $210 (80 min) 

Deep Tissue and Customized : $160 (50 min.) / $220 (80 min)